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Champions of the 2020 Ride Challenge

For 2020 we knew we wanted to start the year with a bang at YYC Cycle! 

The start of a new year is the perfect time for a reset or a new challenge, and Bikergang, did we have a challenge for you! 20 classes in 30 days! That’s more than 1 class every second day and approximately 1000 minutes on the bike.

Bikergang, we are so blown away by your dedication to the bike, the community and to yourselves. Whether you are a 2020 challenge champion, an avid rider, or come to class every so often we feel so grateful and honoured to be the home of the Bikergang.

Meet a few of our 2020 Challenge Champions!


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Kelsey Stadnyk

The Challenge Winner 

 Kelsey started her journey with YYC Cycle last year when her friend Alice brought her to her first class. Though Kelsey said at first she didn’t love spinning and it was the calorie burn and the progress she was making that kept her coming back, eventually she truly enjoyed coming to class.

“Even when I started a year ago, I didn’t enjoy spin at all, I just went because it was good exercise but now it’s enjoyable. I hit that point where I was like I genuinely enjoy spin.”

Like many other Bikergang, the possibility of winning a year of unlimited spin enticed Kelsey into the challenge but what kept her motivated through the challenge wasn’t the idea of winning, it was the goal to get the classes done. 

“At the start you’re like I can do a good  20 minutes of class and then by the end... you're starting to feel better, have more energy, and feel better about myself.”

Having her friend Alice participate in the challenge as well was a huge motivation for Kelsey. Alice had finished the 20 rides four days before by doing double classes and it motivated Kelsey to catch up and keep going. They also kept each other accountable on days they weren’t feeling motivated, “There’s so many times where we planned to go and were like alright gotta go.”

Even though the most challenging part of the 2020 Ride Challenge was finding the time to go to the classes with her busy schedule with school and her practicum, Kelsey found that the classes were a time for reset in her day.

“During the 2020 challenge I was in my practicum so i would be teaching all day and then I would come and I would be tired and then I would feel better after and so then I would be able to go home and do lesson plans.”


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Scott Wilkie

 When did your journey with YYC Cycle begin and what hooked you?

I started at YYC Cycle in June of 2019 with my girlfriend Lorrie who spoke very highly of the classes and said I would love it. I came to a Sunday class with Erin and Nate and loved it! After that, I started doing Friday GIVE'R classes and just kept coming, it was the culture and the people that hooked me honestly.

 When you started the 2020 challenge, what were you most excited for?

The challenge was a chance to show myself I could take my fitness and love of YYC Cycle  to another level. The fact that a year of spin was up for grabs wasn’t so bad either, but not what it was really about for me.

 What kept you going through the challenge? 

What kept me going??? Well, a couple things...

My amazing girlfriend Lorrie for sure was a driving factor to show up everyday I ride beside her, something I have grown to love very much️ and also the coaches (that’s what I like to call them). Such great leadership makes it easy to show up and work hard, all the front house staff as well, so encouraging and supportive!! My goal was to finish as quickly as I could!

 What did you find challenging about the challenge?

I think what I found most challenging was pushing through the mental blocks your mind can throw up sometimes, pushing through the that fear and getting over that wall, in the end, this is really what the challenge ended up being about for me, proving to myself that I could get up and show up even when my mind told me I couldn’t ,so thankful for this challenge.

 What are you most looking forward to now that the challenge is over?

Moving forward I’m excited to have YYC Cycle as a big part of my lifestyle, enjoying the amazing staff and culture and to continue working towards my fitness goals on the road to becoming the best version of myself I can be, thanks to everyone at YYC Cycle for their passion and heart, it has made me a better person!!



Golden Bhatia 

 When did your journey with YYC Cycle begin and what hooked you?

I started going to YYC in 2015 and it was my first time doing Spin. I have never had so much fun while exercising. The variety of motivators, timings of classes as well as three locations make it easy to commit to. A big part of the journey has been having spinsties who you connect with on your spin journey. 

 When you started the 2020 challenge, what were you most excited for?

The Golden Bottle, plus it was a great way to get fit after the holiday slump and get back on the fitness routine. 

 What kept you going through the challenge? 

I didn't want to lose out on the challenge by a bit so kept going to ensure the goal was met and then of course there is friendly competition with friends who are also doing the challenge. No matter what is wrong in the world or in your day, a spin class always has the same uplifting effect on you.

 What did you find challenging about the challenge?

The pressure of the days I didn't go for spin as this was more than my 3 times a week spin routine. 

What are you most looking forward to now that the challenge is over?

Continuing the momentum. Getting to a better fitness level and making more connections along the way. I am always trying different motivators and get surprised by them along the way.


Kristen Wong 2020 Challenge Champions

Kristen Wong

 When did your journey with YYC Cycle begin and what hooked you?

Started in 2017, initially hooked after trying out YEG Cycle (earlier in 2017)

 When you started the 2020 challenge, what were you most excited for?

The free water bottle ;) another one to add to my collection! 

 What kept you going through the challenge? 

Made a personal goal to do 30 classes in 30 days (because I’m a little extra like that). What kept me going was striving to achieve that goal. While I was just short of meeting it (29 classes in the 30 days), I am still very proud of what I accomplished and feel so much stronger for it. This challenge also helped me discover my love of 6am classes, which I never thought would happen lol 

 What did you find challenging about the challenge?

The first week was the toughest, but once I made "a class a day" part of my routine, it definitely became easier as the weeks progressed.

 What are you most looking forward to now that the challenge is over?

Looking forward to the next challenge! 

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Mitchell Chu

 When did your journey with YYC Cycle begin and what hooked you?

I started my journey with YYC Cycle, I believe in April or May 2018. To be honest, I was quite hesitant about even going - just being tired from work and in all truthfulness a little intimidated - my girlfriend (now wife) basically had to drag me into my first class LOL. My first class ever was a GIVE'R with Jess Dumont and she is such an incredible motivator and made me feel super welcome. What hooked me was the energy, the uplifting atmosphere, but the biggest of all was the SWEAT. It had been awhile since I had sweat like that and although I was exhausted from my first class, I felt renewed and focused as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

 When you started the 2020 challenge, what were you most excited for?

I had started the challenge along with an internal challenge with my wife and a couple of our closest friends to see who could go to the most during the 30 days. I was really excited for a couple things, the first was to really see how much I could push myself and secondly to beat my friends in our challenge!

 What kept you going through the challenge? 

The entire YYC Cycle staff definitely deserves a shoutout on this one. Each and every one of them are so amazing and so welcoming; the staff is definitely what makes YYC Cycle such a great place to go to each and every time. The atmosphere the staff creates in each studio makes you want to come back for more

 What did you find challenging about the challenge?

I think it eventually wasn't even a physical challenge anymore, but it became both a mental and physical thing when you are waking up at 5am to do a double or a combination to do 2 classes a day. However, it was 100% worth it, I always felt amazing after and really proud of myself.

 What are you most looking forward to now that the challenge is over?

No more doubles! Hahaha, I think I am most looking forward to going back to a more normal schedule. My wife and I recently moved to a new home in the middle of the challenge, but we were so focused on collecting the golden bottles and trying to beat our friends that we had literally put furnishing and unpacking second to spin!


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